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Sarah Hitchens BA Hons. Lic.Ac. Dip.Ac. MBAcC. Dip.Med.Herb. MNIMH


I'm a medical herbalist and acupuncturist (5 Element & TCM) and I offer you a highly effective 
combination of therapies to get to the root of your health issues.




A gentle yet powerful approach to help you achieve greater health so you can

live a more active and fulfilling life. 



My Approach

If you are looking for a way forward, then I can offer you:

  • Individualised treatments: including herbal medicine and/or acupuncture. Treatment may also include cupping, moxibustion, guasha, and electro-acupuncture.
  • Pulse & tongue diagnosis: which reveal otherwise hidden information about your past and current health and are invaluable in monitoring your progress.
  • Deep listening, care and compassion in a safe and confidential space, that facilitates healing and can bring valuable insights.
  • An alternative explanation of illness: which can open up new perspectives and inspire a greater sense of personal engagement and confidence in understanding your health issues.
  • Lifestyle advice based on Chinese and western models to support you in building healthy and sustainable changes in your life.
  • Self-care practice. The opportunity to create, an effective and flexible self-care practice that you feel confident & comfortable to follow.

What I Offer

How Treatment Can Help

My approach, as a holistic health practitioner in Yeovil, can be helpful for men and women of all ages including children and pregnant women. Treatment can be effective in most conditions that you would normally take to your GP, including:

  • On-going long-term illness
  • Pain
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Side effects of medication
  • Acute illnesses and infections

Treatment can bring new perspectives, greater resilience to infection and increased energy levels.

I went to see Sarah because I had been experiencing some physical constipation, which isn't like me. I had also been feeling stuck In my life. 
Sarah was professional and very kind and listened to everything I said. She put the needles in with great mindfulness and care. 

I felt safe and cared for the whole session. It sorted my issue with constipation out and I have also been feeling
much more positive since the session. S.L.

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About Me 

I've always been fascinated by what makes us humans tick and was drawn towards different ways of understanding health and imbalance. I am intrigued by the diagnostic skills of pulse and tongue diagnosis and the art of deep listening which all reveal invaluable information: skills that get beyond disease labels and reveal a true picture of what is going on. Herbal medicine and Acupuncture open up a treasure trove of traditional and contemporary knowledge that allows me to help people find their way back to health.


I qualified in Five Element Acupuncture in 1992 with the College of Traditional Acupuncture, Leamington and in TCM in 1995 with the world-renowned College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading. I subsequently completed further studies in counselling skills and Chinese patent herbs. Over the last 30 years I have worked in both private practice and for the NHS. I moved to Somerset in 2000 where I set up a practice in Taunton and the Blackdown Hills.

In 2021 I qualified as a medical herbalist after completing an in-depth 4 year degree-level course (with distinction) in herbal medicine, with a strong emphasis on pathology, biochemistry, differential diagnosis, clinical examination and drug / herb interactions as well as botany, materia medica and the traditional use of plants.


How I Practise

I practise herbal medicine alongside acupuncture treatment or on its own. I grow, wild-forage and make many of the medicines I use in my purpose-built dispensary and I am committed to ensuring that the herbs I buy in are of the finest quality and are ethically sourced with low food miles.

As a holistic health practitioner in Yeovil, I am keen to encourage greater herbal knowledge in the local community and offer workshops in hand-crafting herbal remedies such as immune-boosting Fire Cider; throat soothing glycerites; tea mixes for sleep and digestion as well as ointment and cream making courses.

What I Love

I live in the Blackdown Hills with my family and love gardening, making ceramics, foraging, walking, sewing, cycling and wild-crafting herbal medicine.

Professional Membership

I am a member of both the British Acupuncture Council and the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and abide by their codes of conduct and ethics. I have also been in regular, on-going professional supervision since 1993 and completed my own training as a supervisor for health professionals in 1998.


Therapies Offered

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Acupuncture: TCM and Five Element

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Western Herbal Medicine and Chinese Patent Herbs

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(a warming therapy)


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(a type of massage using oil)

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(the use of suction cups to invigorate an area of pain)

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  • 1992: Licentiate in Traditional Acupuncture,
    College of Traditional Acupuncture, Leamington Spa.
  • 1995: Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine,
    College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading.
  • 1997: One Year Foundation Course in Counselling Skills, Spectrum, London.
  • 1998: Certificate in Mentoring for Health Professionals, Spectrum, London.
  • 2003: Diploma in Chinese Patent Herbal Medicine,
    College of Integrated Chinese Medicine, Reading.
  • 2021: Diploma (Degree level with distinction) in Western Herbal Medicine,  Betonica School of Herbal Medicine, Wellington.


“When I first came to see Sarah, I had a constant, debilitating, hacking, productive cough which really impacted any exercise I tried - it was very unpleasant. Sarah prescribed a herbal tincture and three weeks later my husband said ‘you've stopped coughing!' And I had! - I didn't think it was possible. That was three years ago and I now seldom cough and it's never like it was before. For me, taking a herbal mix every day has had a very positive impact on my life”.

- K.C.


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Sarah Hitchens

BA Hons. Lic.Ac. Dip.Ac. MBAcC. Dip.Med.Herb. MNIMH

Somerset, East Devon and West Dorset


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