Ear Acupuncture Drop-In Sessions

for Deep relaxation & menopausal symptoms



Soon after my ear acupuncture I felt an over whelming feeling of my entire body relaxing,
it was like someone had literally flicked a switch on my feelings of anxiety, stress and deep worry -
my tension literally melted away. A.C.

Group Ear Acupuncture Drop-In Sessions     Cost: £10

For deep relaxation and symptoms of anxiety, insomnia & stress as well as menopausal night sweats and hot flushes

Every Friday from 12.30 - 1.15
in the Studio at Nine Springs Natural Health Centre, 70 Hendford, Yeovil, BA20 1UR

Just drop-in. No need to book in advance.

Come along for a deeply relaxing ear acupuncture treatment in a group setting. There's no need to make an appointment, just arrive before 12.45 so that you can have a 30 minute session and get the most from your treatment.

This 5 point treatment is used to:

Increase calmness
Decrease agitation and anxiety
Relieve the night sweats and hot flushes of menopause

Encourage better sleep
Relieve stress, shock and emotional trauma
Build an inner quiet and strength

Reduce addictive cravings
Minimise drug withdrawal symptoms by encouraging optimal liver function
Regulate the nervous system and the ‘fight or flight' adrenal response

The experience can be deeply relaxing and restorative. People often report feeling alert yet calmer and more able to cope with life's stresses following the session.


This is an opportunity to take time out of your busy day and
reconnect with your body



holistic health practitioner in Yeovil and Somerset

What to Expect

If this is your first time at the clinic then you will need to fill in a consent form with some basic details at reception. At subsequent drop-ins you just need to leave your name at reception. Payment is always made before the treatment.

I will gently insert 5 fine, single-use, stainless steel, disposable needles in specific points in each outer ear. This can prick a little but the sensation quickly fades. You will then take a seat or lie down on a yoga mat.

The treatment takes place in silence or with gentle background music to allow everyone to fully relax so I ask that phones are turned off and left with your belongings at the side of the room.

If you are pregnant or there's a possibility that you could be, then please let me know, because I will then use only 2 of the points, both of which are beneficial during pregnancy.

The 5 point treatment is not contraindicated for any condition, however, I will use fewer needles if you have a compromised immune system, epilepsy are under 16 or have a pacemaker or recent cardiac surgery.

Safety & Hygiene

I have been in practice for 31 years and am a fully qualified, registered Acupuncturist and adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and the Code of Ethics as laid down by the British Acupuncture Council.

Needles are sterile, single-use and disposable.

 A Little History

The 5 point treatment (aka the NADA Protocol) was developed in New York in the 1970s to help recovering addicts deal with anxiety, cravings, depression, trauma and anger. Since then it has been found to be effective in treating a wide range of conditions. It is used globally in the aftermath of natural disasters and was used in the UK after the Grenfell Tower fire. As a non-verbal treatment it is wonderfully beneficial in such situations as it requires no in-depth case-taking.



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Sarah Hitchens

BA Hons. Lic.Ac. Dip.Ac. MBAcC. Dip.Med.Herb. MNIMH

Somerset, East Devon and West Dorset


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