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Is herbal medicine safe?

Yes. It's a very safe treatment when practised by a certified, registered practitioner. I am a fully qualified medical herbalist and a registered member of the National Institute of Medicinal Herbalists.

I have been trained to ensure that the herbs prescribed do not interact with any current medication you take. As your holistic health practitioner in Yeovil I will take a thorough case history and check any possible contraindications.

How should I prepare for an acupuncture treatment?

Wear comfortable loose clothing and make sure you've eaten.

Is there anything I need to bring with me?

Please bring along any recent blood test results and a list of any medication or supplements you are currently taking.

Why do you take my pulse and look at my tongue?

The strength, rhythm and quality of your pulse and the colour, coat, cracks and shape of your tongue provide diagnostic information which help me know how best to treat you.

Is acupuncture safe?

Yes. It's a very safe treatment when practised by a certified, registered practitioner. I am a fully qualified acupuncturist and a registered member of the British Acupuncture Council.

I use fine, solid, single-use, sterile, disposable needles and follow strict hygiene standards.

How will I feel after acupuncture?

You may feel more energised or more relaxed and it can vary from appointment to appointment. It is best to avoid stressful or vigorous activities immediately after treatment. Sometimes people feel very tired and my advice is to listen to your body and rest as much as you can. If you have any concerns then contact me.

Can I have acupuncture or herbal medicine if I'm taking medication?

Yes. Both Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture can work well alongside western medicine.  Treatment can also help to reduce the side effects of chemotherapy, radio therapy and IVF drugs as well as other medications.

I am very happy to work alongside your GP, consultant or other health practitioners. In some cases, with the support of your doctor, people are able to reduce or come off medicines such as sleeping pills and painkillers.

What style of acupuncture do you practise?

I am trained in 5 Element and TCM.

Will my insurance cover my treatment?

Treatment may be covered by some insurance companies such as BUPA and PPP, so please do check with your insurance provider.

Is there a scientific explanation for how acupuncture works?

The western explanation is that treatment stimulates the central nervous system and causes the release of endorphins and serotonin which have painkilling and mood-stabilising effects. Needling can also stimulate sympathetic nerve ending and release muscular trigger points by causing involuntary muscle contraction.


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Sarah Hitchens

BA Hons. Lic.Ac. Dip.Ac. MBAcC. Dip.Med.Herb. MNIMH

Somerset, East Devon and West Dorset


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